3S Money


Online banking service for international business

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Main objectives:

  • building a new digital channel: web platform for clients
  • business analysis and UI development
  • development of web-front and middleware
  • security issues solutions

Our customer, 3S Money, is a licensed online banking payment platform for international trade. The company provides cross-border companies with bank accounts in the country and currency in which customers need to conduct business.

Previously, it was difficult for foreign citizens to open a business bank account in order to provide services at home and abroad. We have implemented an online banking service that helps cross-border companies open accounts abroad and conduct international trade safely, transparently and easily. We have combined advanced financial technologies solutions and traditional capabilities of classic banks.

Key features:

  • fast and safe opening of a bank account in Europe for business
  • the payment system's functions: opening an account for individuals and legal entities managing transactions, editing data and exchanging messages in the user's personal account
  • payments within the platform, including to the counterparty by details and cross-border transfers
  • international transfers of large amounts around the world
  • global multi-currency account with more than 35 major currencies
  • data exchange with credit card processing
  • compliance with high security requirements
  • simple design for effective interaction of the client with the banking service


  • duration for opening a bank account has been reduced to 5 days, and outgoing payments can be transferred on the same day
  • increased loyalty of customers who did not want to make complex money transactions: now they can do it safely, transparently and easily
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