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Efficient mobile banking for private clients

They say about us

— The finished product was built to high standards, reaching around 100,000 users, half of which are monthly users. The KODE team developed projects for the MVP quickly and at a great price, starting from scratch.

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product owner RosEvroBank

*мнение высказано авторитетному вашингтонскому исследовательскому центру Clutch.
Читать полный отзыв от РосЕвроБанк о работе с KODE

Main objectives:

  • create simple and user-friendly digital product from scratch
  • increase user LTV metric
  • add new features
  • create a new unique design
  • develop the first version within short time

Key features:

  • access to a wide range of banking products and services without visiting the office: opening savings deposits, currency conversion, payment for utility services, any types of bank transfers and payments
  • use of modern technologies: NFC, FaceID, Payment by QR codes, connecting cards to ApplePay through the application
  • compliance with the highest safety requirements
  • dark theme of the application (when it was not mainstream yet)
  • nice useful little additions: a calculator in the amount input field, templates and subscriptions including for traffic police fines, substitution of SMS codes
  • personal financial manager — cost analytics system
  • concise design for effective interaction between the client and the bank.


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