East European Bank

Markswebb: Second place

An application for solving daily problems of bank customers

Main objectives:

  • expand the functionality and capabilities of the user in the mobile application
  • create a user-friendly interface
  • integration with the banking system
  • implement over 20 features to improve the position in the international ranking of mobile applications Markswebb Rank&Report.

KODE team was supervised by bank specialists and was engaged in a part of the functionality. We established interaction with the bank team and completed the work as soon as possible (6 months).

We were constantly working on introducing new features and refactoring the code part in parallel, which required us to focus on several processes at the same time.

We have implemented the following functions:

  • selection of the region in payments
  • opening an account and deposit
  • select bonus category
  • search by statement
  • opening deposits and accounts
  • applying for a loan
  • payments to the budget, etc.


The convenience and functionality of the development was highly acclaimed. According to the results of a study of the effectiveness of mobile banks for individuals in 2017, the project outperformed two largest banks in the region, taking 2nd place.

2nd place in the ranking of mobile banking applications of Markswebb Rank&Report analytical agency.



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