Forward Pay


Service for installments registration for users to buy equipment without additional documents

We drew buttons with all our might ... See the result on the platforms
It is not visible, but it is!

Main objectives:

  • create an installment automated service for electronics consumers

Key features:

  • recognizing pricing tags with your mobile phone. The user scans the price tag with the mobile phone camera and receives an instant calculation of the installment options that are available to him. The product is immediately added to the cart to start the purchase process.
  • an intuitive interface for users regardless of age and level of financial literacy
  • get an installment plan — simply and without paper documents


  • the project was fully implemented in 5 months
  • the client company managed to optimize personnel costs, globally reformat loan issuance processes
  • the speed of filling out an application and purchasing equipment has decreased by 3 times: the user receives a decision on the application in 2 minutes
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