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Smart house control system

We drew buttons with all our might ... See the result on the platforms

Main objectives:

  • Create an application that will become the center of a smart house and a key member of the home security system
  • Integrate the application into the command management system through the voice assistant

Key Features:

  • creating your own scripts to automate routine home tasks and trigger them by schedule, event or remotely
  • control via Voice assistant
  • security management (activation with one click of a button, setting up automatic operation according to a schedule)
  • flexible settings for notification types: enable only important ones, select types - push, sms, email, voice call
  • family access, control of several objects at the same time
  • monitoring the security status, system settings, electric appliances management
  • integration with Ivideon and video camera connection, broadcasting
  • combining devices into groups according to the place where sensors are installed or the type of device (security for a separate room, underfloor heating)
  • analysis of the work of a smart house for any period, integration with metering devices and automatic readings


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