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Application for informing shareholders about the progress of construction using online broadcasts

We drew buttons with all our might ... See the result on the platforms

Main objectives:

  • create a tool that will provide customers and potential equity holders with comprehensive information about the construction of facilities, increasing the level of brand loyalty.

MR Group is one of the top 3 largest builders in the capital of one of the biggest Eurasian countries. Because of the peculiarities of the real estate market, even the most famous real estate developer needs to maintain a level of brand trust.

That is why we have implemented video broadcasts in the mobile application, which are available 24 hours. The client can open the stream and see how the construction of the facility facility construction вместо construction of facility is progressing. We have developed this app in 2016 when online streaming was just becoming part of everyday digital patterns.

Key features:

  • personal dossier of each property
  • visualization of residential complexes and commercial real estate: exterior finish, interiors and layouts
  • video stream available 24 hours
  • convenient objects filtering by type and location
  • internal CRM-system for managing content about objects for company employees
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