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Loyalty program app for SPAR and SPAR Family supermarkets

We drew buttons with all our might ... See the result on the platforms

They say about us

— The application exceeded all expectations, becoming more popular with users than we expected. KODE is a professional and dedicated team that communicated openly throughout the work.

Дмитрий Салабаев,

менеджер программы лояльности SPAR
*мнение высказано авторитетному вашингтонскому исследовательскому центру Clutch.
Читать полный отзыв от Spar о работе с KODE

Main objectives:

  • create a user-friendly interface for participating in the loyalty program and show the benefits of participating in it
  • create a new channel of communication with customers and understand their interests and desires
  • integration with customer accounts in the retailer's loyalty system
  • integrate the online store into the mobile channel

Key Features:

  • we use the best user experience - it is easy to show the membership card to the cashier even in offline mode
  • friendship history - easily check individual loyalty program conditions and purchase history
  • searching for the nearest store on the map function
  • drawing discount coupons and a catalog of promotions also in a game mechanics format as an important communication and promo channel
  • call to the call center function
  • section ‘Shopping list’ to return customers to the hall
  • access to the Spar online store without additional authorization


  • from idea to implementation — 3 months
  • in less than 9 months, the application has earned the recognition of 115,000 Android users and 65,000 iOS users
  • immediately after the launch, it got into the top Google Play apps in the Retail section
  • corporate identity and visual solutions comply with the standards of the parent company Spar International
  • App Store rating — 4 stars


Golden Application

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