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Personal care assistant for a kitten

We drew buttons with all our might ... See the result on the platforms

Main objectives:

  • to create a service natively promoting the brand and forming positive emotions among the target audience.

Key features:

  • catopedia — an encyclopedia with interesting facts about kittens,
  • the ability to go to the order of feed through the application,
  • recommendations for nutrition depending on the age of the kitten,
  • the ability to create tasks and reminders for caring for a kitten + a standard set of tasks for new owners who know nothing yet,
  • display of veterinary clinics and shops on the map in the application,
  • custom camera with the ability to generate sounds that attract the kitten's attention (rustling of the package, meowing, etc.),
  • developed the design based on the brand book of the parent company.

We implemented the first release of the app on the old API with a further move to the new one. Added system for tracking application installations for analyzing user geography.



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