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Conversational UI design tool

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Fabble.io is a design tool for conversational products. It’s like Figma for chat bots, telephone systems and voice assistants. The way users and devices interact is changing. In 10 years, all interfaces will be conversational.

Thanks to the Fabble.io development teams can:

  • Work faster and more efficiently since Fabble simplifies the workflow, replacing 4 tools (flowcharts, tables, text documents, prototypes),
  • Achieve better results since designers are fully focused on the UX of the product and do not have to think about technical complexities.

Unique project format

In Fabble, a visual flowchart consists of two elements: “the user said”, “the system answered”. It helps VUI-designers to create the structure of dialogues in a visual and understandable format.

Instant no-code prototyping

While working on a project in Fabble, designers test the written dialogue in a conversational or chat format. They can create an interactive prototype in one click with no programming knowledge required.


Fabble provides opportunities for team collaboration. Export information from your projects is available in several formats: JSON, CSV, XLSX, PNG. As an example, designers can send all texts of the project can send all project texts for voice acting to the actors, demonstrate a working prototype to the customer, or transfer the finished project to development with a single link.

Fabble.io helps 2000+ designers from 69 countries design conversational products. Most of the users are in the US and European countries. Fabble users work both in large companies and in small agencies for the development of conversational products for the conversational products development: Nuuk, Tucuvi, Talking To Me, Jetson, BBC, Subway.


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